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Adult Martial Arts Taekwondo Fitness Karate

Teens & Adults

Ages: 13+

The Moore's Martial Arts curriculum provides a great way for teens and adults to stay in shape. It won’t become dull or routine because as soon as you get better and continue learning, there are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back for more!



A Chinese martial art form with roots stretching back to the 12th century. Tai Chi is practiced both as a defensive philosophy and for it's health benefits. Thought to:

• Increase Longevity
• Reduce Stress
• Improve Focus

This low impact practice features gentle motions that flow one into the next.

Adult Martial Arts Taekwondo Fitness Karate Krav Maga

Practical Self-Defense

This program truly teaches self-defense for the real world. You’ll learn how to target attacks to the body’s most vulnerable points so that you can defend yourself as quickly and efficiently as possible. Training will also cover situational awareness to develop an understanding of one's surroundings, learning to understand the psychology of a street confrontation, and identifying potential threats before an attack occurs. 

Whether you are looking to protect your business, place of worship, or desire for your security officers to be better equipped to face the wolf at the door, we can tailor-make a program for you.